Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Coffee Table Refinish

Several years ago, we received this coffee table when my husband's grandmother passed away.  It's been through several military moves and was in storage because it was in pretty rough condition.  I decided to pull it down and refinish it.  I have painted furniture before and applied a coat of stain on a bed my husband built for our boys, but this was my first refinish project from start to finish.  I learned a few things, like wood conditioner is really helpful, especially working with red mahogany stain.  That is the color I used for this table.  I didn't use the conditioner on tops and sides, but did on the legs.  I feel the legs stained more smoothly, actually got a bit more of the tint I wanted.

I forgot to take a before picture, but took this shortly after starting project.  I love an electric sander.

I mostly sanded the legs by hand.  I did have a small electric tool I was able to use on part of the legs.  If anyone has tips on how to quickly sand legs like this, I'd love to know.  :)  Time consuming!

After a couple coats of stain.

My little boys are in love with the table.  Of course, a coffee table must have coffee.  haha!  And it's been used for school today.  I did add two coats of poly to the table.  I need to learn how to better use it.  Not as smooth as I would like, but overall I am very happy with the table and it looks so much better.  Now...to refinish the matching end tables.  :)

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