Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Platform Bed Build

We decided to move Jacob out of his crib and since the little boys share a room, we debated exactly what to do about sleep arrangements.  Two beds take up  more space and we ruled out a bunk bed for safety reasons.  Jacob already broke his leg earlier this year, so let's avoid anymore of that.  ha!  Thus we decided to build them a full size platform bed to share for now.  Low to the ground, so falling out might still be a shock (it was two nights ago), but not so painful.  :)  But, the boys are enjoying their new to finish the room...soon?  haha!

We found the plan on Ana White.  Have you visited her site?  Amazing!  This is our second build and I'd like to do more.  Actually, so far, Russ has done the building.  I want to learn, really I do!! Anyhow, we stained the bed with a red mahogany.  I love this stain!!  I love this bed!!  Happy me!!

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  1. It looks great! I love Ana White's plans. I found her on Pinterest and have all these ideas. If only I could get Donnie on board with helping me build it all. ;)