Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Nate!

 Our Nathan turned 6 last week.  SIX!!! I can hardly believe it. I remember the days when we didn't know if we would have another child, yet it seems he has always been. Always been a part of me, always been loved, always brightened my days.  Six years of amazingness (is that a word?) with Nathan.  What a gift to us!

Nathan was the one I thought I would never survive the toddler years with. Strong and determined, yet he has an adorable sweetness that melts my heart.  I receive little gifts from him often, flowers and weeds picked from the yard, love notes, hugs and kisses, or his comments telling me how wonderful I am.  Every mom needs one of him around. haha!! Currently he loves to open doors for me, including my car door. ;-) Example set by his older brother.

He is intelligent. Very. And likes to be busy.  He likes to work, mostly.  He will work along side Russ.  He loves to cook with me in the kitchen.  He loves the outdoors, reptiles, dinosaurs, toads, gardening.  The world is a book to him and he loves learning.  He is full of questions, often ones I cannot answer and some I the other day when he asked if I were alive when Jesus was born.! haha!!

He also loves super Spiderman.  Which was his request for a birthday cake.  Last minute change.  He said he wanted another dinosaur cake, but changed his mind.  I went to my trusty Pinterest app to look for inspiration.  Kristy, he, and I and finally made this....

 Nate enjoyed making his gum paste spider for the side of his cake.  He and Kristy also made the buildings and windows from gum paste.  I made the cake.  I iced with buttercream, then made a marshmallow fondant for the top. It turned out great, but I had a harder time working with it, so I made a blue buttercream for the bottom.  I need to practice more with fondant.  ;)

Kristy cut the top spider out of a gum paste. She did an awesome job!

Thought I'd also share a few photos from his birthday celebration.  I was super sick this day, so I had Kristy take a few pictures.

He loves this book!!! Awesome purchase!

And for the sake of keeping it real....Here is our Spiderman fail. We tried to make a torso out of gum paste and had planned on attaching him to the cake.  Well...let's just say, Kristy and I have a lot to learn about making figures.  In fairness, he isn't too horrible for our first ever attempt.  ;-)

I love making fun birthday cakes for the kids and I love more when they join in the making.  Fun!!


  1. What's wrong with that Spider Man? I would have put him on top of that cake! Happy birthday, Nate!

  2. Great Job Mama! Nate and Eli would get along really well!